Managing Emotional Responses

I think sometimes it’s important to consider the different emotional responses available to us all, toward external stimuli that impacts our moods. There are many places to be in our minds and though we rarely exercise it, we do have the ability within us all to select which emotional response we choose. I further believe that it is critical that we spread those responses across the entire spectrum for maximum emotional well-being.

It’s necessary to feel sadness, anger, self-pity, worry, anxiety, hopelessness, uselessness, regret, hatred, vengeance, and all of the other litany of so-called negative emotions. We have to give ourselves permission to be petty and to wallow. I think of it as a purge of negativity from my soul, so I can continue to venture forth on this journey of life and personal growth.

As terrible and heart wrenching as it is, we have to impose a limit on those times we care for ourselves through complete self-adsorption. It is a Herculean effort to “pull yourself up by your boot straps”, and shake it off. But we all do it every day simply by opening our eyes and getting out of bed, to some degree. Some days are worse than others, and that’s okay. Indulge yourself on those days. But be cognizant of the limit you should impose. Being negative doesn’t make you a weak person…It makes you an incredibly strong person because whether you know it or not at the time, you are choosing to continue slugging it out. We all know the other option, and by keeping your forward momentum, even knowingly suspending it for self-care, makes you a badass and a strong S.O.B., and not weak. Just be cautious of the danger that accompanies negativity…It can form as a habit. Use your emotions as a tool…remember that you are the boss of what goes on inside and nobody outside of you has the right to judge you, determine who you are, or to tell you how to be. You are always free in your mind, even when it feels like a prison. It is literally you and you own it. You wouldn’t let someone come into your house and rearrange your furniture without your say-so. So never let ANYONE into your mind to rearrange who you are and that wonderful, powerful, beautiful soul you were given.

Do not sell yourself for cheap to others. The price of admission to your thoughts must be high, and to earn a place in that sacred inner home, an outsider must pay that price with love, genuine concern and a spirit of charity. All others need not apply and will be rejected at the door.

Your strength is in your broken and mended places. When they break again (when you regress in depression, anger, etc.) remember that you will mend again even though your heart and mind may say differently. And you will break again as well. That is the essence of life.

Never, ever quit. Tears and anguish are the times when you are fighting the hardest. Try to remember that. You may not feel like it but you are moving forward.

Sometimes we have to choose pure grit and toughness. Today, this is what’s in my mind and on my heart. Today I will be a lion, and I will be the king of the jungle that is my mind and heart. Today I embrace my inner lion and the animal instinct to survive and conquer whatever nature throws at me. A wounded and sick lion is the most deadly, after all.

Much love to you all, ✌

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